Salamander Top Off Pump – 22″

Salamander Top Off Pump is functional, affordable, minimalistic and efficient! The pump of choice for inflatable kayakers and is the perfect solution for a highly portable top off pump on the river for any whitewater raft, kayak or cataraft. Price: $75.00 Dimensions: 3" x 22"

Salamander 4″ Barrel Pump

Salamander Tall Barrel Pump is 4" in diameter and 28" in length. This four inch diameter body is small enough to take down river, yet large enough to quickly inflate your raft! Unique click strap that holds the rolled-up hose securely in place, and also serves as a convenient carrying handle. Price:$179.99


Compact & Durable A  “must have” pump for all rafts & cata-rafts, because you can stand upright when using it. The stroking action is effortless, yet highly efficient. There is simply no comparable pump that will produce as much air volume with less effort. Commercial river guides acclaim this pump to be about as valuable as their floatation jackets.This pump ...

Airhead 12 Volt High Pressure Air Pump

Airhead’s 12 Volt Hi Pressure Air Pump w/ Pressure Release Valve produces 3 times the pressure of other 12 volt air pumps. Therefore it does a great job inflating: Towables, boats and rafts nice and firm for peak performance. Adapters are provided for all popular valves including Stem, Boston, Leafield, Bravo, Halkey Roberts and more. A removable pressure release valve limits ...

Airhead Super High Volume 120V Air Pump

This is the best performing 120 volt air pump available! Inflating and deflating at unprecedented speed. The AIRHEAD Super High Volume 120V Air Pump only has about 75 to 80% the cubic foot per minute output of the Big Red Mastercraft, but it has higher output pressure. The Big Red’s are generally listed as having 1.7 to 2 p.s.i., but in fact ...