AIRE Sabertooth review

Simply put, the Aire Sabertooth is a whitewater beast.   I was recently lucky enough to spend a day paddling Aire’s new frameless cataraft on the class IV/V section of the Scott River. The 12 foot long boat is designed for two or three paddlers or can be outfitted with a small rowing frame capable of supporting one person’s gear …

Kid-friendly family vacation ideas

Shoot the rapids - Going white water rafting with your family is an adventure your kids will always remember. Whether you’re paddling through rapids or drifting peacefully along a lazy stretch of river, riding the currents for a week or just one day, rafting is an experience that is sure to deepen your relationship with your kids.

PVC “Marbling”

When PVC is folded and rolled for the first time, white streaks and indentation called marbling can occur. This video discusses the appearance of Marbling on your brand new boat. Don’t be alarmed, the marbling will disappear!  

Drift Boat vs. Raft

I’m going to list the things I consider to be the strong points and the weaknesses of each, and let the reader decide for themselves which rig is appropriate for their intended use. First up…     DRIFT BOATS: Of course any hard hulled boat you can rig a set of oars to could be theoretically considered a drift boat …